Our story
and journey

We apply advanced natural agro-technologies, to realize our challenging, long-term, step-by-step vision; becoming a major player in the world’s top-quality truffle production. It requires a passionate, committed, and talented teams, as well as visionary and patient investors, all working closely together to realize our goals every day.

Our Story Unfolds

We partner with the world's leading truffle scientists and apply cultivation best-practices, and environmentally-friendly, cutting-edge agriculture technologies, to produce high-quality truffle-inoculated trees at scale.
We partner with local experienced farmers, who sought new and profitable crops, to farm truffle-producing orchards (truffière) under our guidance and mentorship. While the farmers grow the truffles, ILSAR is solely responsible for the worldwide marketing and sales of the harvested produce.
We began the journey with a small nursery and 2.5 acres truffière of Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum).
ILSAR of 2020 cultivates over 100 acres truffières and delivers thousands of high-quality inoculated plants a year, showing industry-leading year-by-year growth.

Ilsar is about quality, scale, and technology

To maintain the high quality of processes and products, we created the ILSAR Standard of Excellence, or ISE, a set of rigorous tests and evaluation standards, that help us track, monitor, and nurse the truffle lifecycle, maintaining ideal conditions at every step.
With advanced data tracking, we follow each tree-plant from seed to harvest and every truffle, from spore to table. The ISE guarantees the quality and origin of every inoculated tree and truffle sent out to our clients.

Our Path


ILSAR is founded, and signs an exclusive know-how agreement with Dr. Ian Hall of New Zealand, one of the world's top experts for truffle cultivation


Cultivating our initial 2.5 acres of truffière in the northern Golan and starting a small nursery for growing inoculated trees


Silli, our veteran truffle dog, discovers our first truffle that is also the first successful growing of Winter Black truffle in Israel - In a record time of less than 4 years from planting


We open our new nursery facility, designed for large-scale inoculated tree production


First export shipment to the US. our truffles are also used by top Israeli chefs, who praise the quality

Our People

We are powered by our people - a group of devoted Truffle professionals, deeply connected to the land and nature that are the landscape to our work. They constantly thrive, across many years, to make Ilsar’s vision a reality: Tree-Nursery experts, Agronomy Scientists, Farmers Mentors, Dog Trainers and others.

Yoel Givol
Co-Founder, Chairman

Nimrod Tabenkin
Co-Founder, CEO

Tal Monchase
Chief Agronomist

Ori Ashkenazi

Erez Paz

Assaf Koren

Dr Ian Hall

Our business model: a community of farming partners

Our scalable mode-of-work is based on a close partnership with local experienced growers. By 2020, we are proud to have over 10 farming partners in a growing community.
We are focused on supplying knowledge, technology, and training throughout the growing process, and provide every farmer with top-quality inoculated tree-plants, and supervise the truffle-orchard regularly, sampling the soil, trees, and root systems.
Ilsar is solely responsible for the marketing, distribution, and sales of the truffles.

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